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Romania confused me. It was just slightly outside of what I expected, and I struggled to understand it. On that first day wandering around Cluj-Napoca’s city center, I wanted to dislike it. It was, to be honest, dull. Uninteresting. Not to my liking. And other negative statements. It felt like an average medium sized city […]



FLORIDA MAN RIDES AGAIN! Yes, our faithful hero (disguised as an ordinary fool) is back for another round of WTF wisecracks. Food, drugs, and politics. All under the watchful eyes of a dude who really should have been put back in the oven for another few minutes to finish baking. And apologies for the production […]

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On Being a Wanderer - MasterClass

PROTECT Thyself – On Being Safe

Pocket Safes Question: Which pocket is safest from pickpockets? I’ll give you a moment to think about it. (Insert music from Jeopardy here ….) Ready? And the answer is … none of them. Seriously. Unless you’ve got it zip-tied, super-glued, and hermetically sealed, it’s vulnerable. Just ask us how we know. But that doesn’t mean […]

The Written Word

A Habit Takes How Long?

OK, so I’m 58 years old. Which is almost … well, let’s not talk about that number. It makes no sense. But what does make complete sense is that I have almost six decades of history of living on luck, ignorance, and hope. I have always just assumed that my body will get me through. […]

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