Welcome to The Pirate Wanderer

Hi, my name is Rick Higgins, and I’m the self-appointed Captain of this ship, even though no one sails web sites anymore. 🙂 And who are you? A Pirate, perhaps? Let’s take a short test and find out. Got your #2 pencil?

â–ºAre you “Middle Aged”, regardless of how many years past average your birth certificate says you are?
â–ºDo you have a desire to look deeper into places, cultures, and peoples than what the average tour bus pamphlet offers?
â–ºCan you envision a world where people actually respect humanity, have a desire to learn and share, and all on a planet that we collectively care about?

Did you check yes to one or more? Then GREAT! Welcome to the piracy!

And that’s the short version of what we do. LOL. Want more? It’s only a touch/click away.

Oh! Almost forgot, I wrote a book! It’s called Letters To A Dead Uncle. It’s sort of a travel novel, only really not. Go get your paperback and/or Kindle copy at Amazon today, won’t you? And then come back and spend some more money in The PW Shoppe. Our ship’s coffers thank you.

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