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It takes 10,000 hours to master something. I've put in 517,128 hours into my life thus far. Does that make me a master of living?

#lifestyle #over40 #over50 #over60

I filmed and edited a video yesterday ... and then threw it away. It turned out pretty good too. One of my better productions. I just decided that it didn't fit the channel, so out it went. And I feel great about that! Hopefully I'll keep today's. :-)

I heard someone once say "Stop looking at yesterday's failure, because every moment is a moment to get back on track". Words to live by as I move forward. My last not-so-good doesn't define my next attempt. Onward!

Looking grim, Spain flight cancelled on us. AirBnb cancelled too. Consulate dates unknown. Lockdown continues. But ... I'm still feeling somehow semi-positive. I still believe that our move to Barcelona will happen in some way, some time. Soon.

Is minimalism the same as being nomadic? And how does one turn bologna into fine dining during a pandemic lockdown? New video!

#lifestyle #over40 #over50 #over60 #minimalism #nomadic

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