On Being A Pirate

Ah! You wanted more information, thanks! Here ya go …

For starters, we’re not a business. Not trying to sell you, save your soul, change your mind, or even to cure your dandruff. But we do dance around the first three items in that list. Your head dust is kinda out of our scope.

But, if we were a business, what would be our product? Well, basically, us. We’re selling entertainment, information, and hopefully a laugh. Who would be our customer? Well, again basically, us. Or people like us. Those who either have no kids, have adult kids, or are of the mindset that their (older) kids are able to enjoy adult-like activities. People who have a desire to explore new cultures and peoples. Who look for information from those who have tried what they hope to experience. And people who have a respect and love for both humanity and our collective home.

Apologies if this offends your sense of sensibilities, but we are not tourists. If you are, great. More power to you. Hope the tour bus is comfortable. But that’s not our shtick. We are travelers and explorers. Maybe not on old sailing ships to never-before-seen lands, but what we offer through our extensive (insert sarcastic eye roll here) media enterprise is geared towards those that want more. That desire to learn what it’s like to be a local. Or at least to get deep into what makes a place a place.

The world is diverse, and so is The Pirate Wanderer. This site/blog is part of it, sure. But primarily we’re on YouTube. Sure, we have Instagram for our photography and Facebook for more direct interaction. But we’re focusing our world on videos these days. So please subscribe where you can, and come back often. And comment and chat with us. This is not a one-way conversation. We want to learn as much as share.

Deeper dive time … exactly who and or what is “us”? My name is Rick Higgins and this is my baby. My partner-in-everything is Nikki Espinola. I am originally from just outside Washington DC, lived in South Florida (Miami and Key Largo) for years, and now consider home wherever the hell I find myself. Which, while sometimes is still in the Florida sun, it’s more often in the Spanish sun. Nikki was born in Cuba, came to the United States as a kid, and for the most part considers herself a Californian. (Gnarly, dude!). But like me, she’s a wanderer. Probably more so. And we’re both enjoying life, despite our ages starting with the number five.

I meant what I said above about this not being a business. It will almost never be a way to make a living. It’s just our lifestyle. But that doesn’t change the fact that I want to share what I know, what I do, and what I question. I also want to expose the wondrous reality of peoples and cultures, in the hopes of bringing the world closer. And as a “middle aged plus some” kind of guy, I’m looking for those who can most relate to my message. Those that are in similar situations and lifestyles as I.

So, that’s us. And you. Now go be a Pirate. And go Wander.

► Rick Higgins, October 11, 2019

Oh! If you’re interested in becoming the next Isabella and/or Ferdinand, we’d love to chat!

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