So, I got a new toy. A fisheye lens for my camera. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but one thing does stand out. It has a 180° angle of view. Yep, wherever I point, it’s completely side to side. You really have to watch out for your shoes when you point your camera.

The following four shots are with my “standard” lenses. The top one is a prime. Doesn’t zoom, just takes in a wide angle. (All four pics are from the same place, pointed in the same direction). Second shot is a zoomed out one from my 300mm telephoto lens, and the third one is fully zoomed in. And the last one is my new fisheye. A bit of a difference between them all, huh?

The rest of these photos are just me walking around the lake with the fisheye. For some, the distortion is pretty apparent. Others, it just feels wider. I like this lens. It’s not for portraits, but I think I can have some fun with it, especially with travel shots where I want to bring in everything I see.

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