Three plus months in Europe, Northern Africa, and the UK. Again. Not an adventure of a lifetime, just a continuation of the latest one. Starting May 11th, and lasting until Spain said we had to go, Nikki and I were somewhere overseas, primarily in Barcelona, Spain.

The Where and When

So, where were we when we were not where we said we were? Well, the “Not Barcelona” blocks were as follows:

  • Morocco – May 25th through June 1st
  • Paris France – June 15th through the 18th
  • Dusseldorf Germany – July 12th through the 14th
  • Amsterdam Netherlands – July 15th through the 17th
  • Cluj Romania – August 16th through the 24th
  • London UK – August 25th through September 2nd
  • Boston Massachusetts – September 2nd through the 6th
  • Richmond Virginia – September 6th through the 14th
  • Officially back in Florida September 15th

Here’s where in graphical form:

So, where are all the words, you may be asking. Well … here! LOL! All in book form, for your reading pleasure. And I’m sure some additional stories will also be shortly underway under the main tabs.

As far as pics, here are some from the trip. More coming, I promise!

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And while you’re at it, perhaps head over to Amazon and pick up my new novel: Letters To A Dead Uncle. On the shelves and in the Kindle Store. It’s a travel novel, of sorts. Just me writing to my dearly departed Uncle Jimmy about my latest exploits. More details on the home page!

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