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It Begins, Dear Uncle

Well, today’s the day. My official book launch!

This is a long announcement, but please read it through. There are things requested and things given throughout.

Letters To A Dead Uncle is now available here:

The Kindle version is free right now, and will be so for the next five days. I can’t do that with the paperback version, but I can get them at cost. So … since several people have asked for a signed copy, PM me and when I get back to the states, I’ll get a bunch and we’ll figure out how to get them to you. It might involve beer.

I’m frankly pretty nervous about this. It’s one thing to write a few paragraphs on social media, but it’s another to write 38,922 words and put it out there for public critique. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this, now that it’s done.

I’ve read and re-read and re-read and re-read this thing so many times, looking for typos and bad grammar, that I’ve lost all perspective of the story. I think it still says what I want it to say, but who knows at this point.

What I would ask is, if you read it, please go back to the Amazon page a leave a review. Not of me, but of the book. I’d really like for one stranger to buy it, and maybe a review will help. 🙂

Oh, and now that I’m a ‘real author’, I get a real authors page. Check it out:

So, again, thanks to all for sharing this with me. For your inspiration. And your friendship. I have enjoyed this project immensely.

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