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Humanity Comes Before Profit. Always.

When you’re in business, they tell you to stay neutral. To not alienate clients or customers. And if you’re starting a business, they tell you it’s even more important. Well, I guess it’s good that I don’t listen very well.

More and more we read about the heavy-handedness of immigration authorities. Some obvious, like the thousands fleeing Central and South America looking for hope. Who are treated with a fear and disdain usually reserved for the worst of proven criminals. Others are more hidden, like the recent UK family who found themselves on a detour and accidentally in the US instead of Canada … and thus being arrested, the family separated, and then flown across the nation to an improper facility and jail. And that’s just the response from the United States. We’re not the only nation who is re-drinking from the goblets of nationalism and fear.

I’m not against borders that offer a level of safety from nefarious people. Not at all. But the notion that everyone at a crossing is evil until proven good is ludicrous. And evil itself.

If our collective goal is security and prosperity … then how can we do that while we’re abandoning humanity. Isn’t it that very thing that we must keep at the center of our focus? People?

I get so incensed when I read about the casualness that certain “leaders” and those who are “just doing their jobs” have when their job is humanity. These are not crops, stacks of lumber, or anything of the like. These are people. Who are where they are because where they were was unsafe and more horrible than the rest of us could handle. They are not ne’er-do-wells looking for handouts. That’s an incorrect Americanism. It makes them sound like they’re hiding their tubs of caviar while begging for money. Which is utter BS. If they’ve traveled thousands of miles, on a dangerous journey with everything they own on their backs … they ain’t after government cheese. They’re after not being dead.

OK, I get it. Most folks in first world countries simply cannot fathom a life that is as dangerous and hopeless as what many others must endure. And maybe that’s where the answer starts. Education about the reality of what we think of as “others”. Because if we continue to believe the billionaires who tell us to fear the zero-inaires, and the lie that they’re only here to steal from you … well, you’re looking in the wrong direction for who is stealing.

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