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Cuba! Or At Least How To Make The Coffee

Latest video (and they’re really not getting much better yet in quality. LOL!)

Rocket fuel. Real coffee. That’s what you get from a good cup of Cuban. In this episode of The Pirate Wanderer, I’ll teach you EXACTLY what to do in order to stay awake for multiple days in a row, using just liquid and roasted beans.

Of course, every Cuban who watches this is going to (a) say that their mama told them to do it a different way and it’s the ONLY way, and (b) what the hell is this gringo doing teaching us about Cuban Coffee? 🙂 Well, rest assured, I trained under Cuban Masters. And if I say so myself, I make a pretty good cup. Usually.


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Captain Rick
Our dear Cap’n has been sailing the seas of life for 50-some years. Somewhere between impulsive and a stick-in-the-mud, he finds himself embarking on journeys that will either solidify his wandering ways, or give him a nervous breakdown. Come join him on his new adventures in moving pictures on YouTube at

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