Piracy 101 – On Becoming a Pirate

On October 7th, 2019, I posted my first video on my new YouTube Channel. It was all about … well, something I really can’t remember and don’t have the gumption to go look up. I had been searching for a way to release this creative energy inside me and I was hoping that perhaps making films/videos would help.

OK, some background. I am not an artist. I can’t dance, play an instrument other than the stereo, and I certainly can’t sing. Oh dear lord no, I certainly cannot sing. But, I still have this thing inside me that says go create something.

I’ve tried blogging on and off for years. I wrote a book and published it earlier this year (lots of sales opportunities below, under the video). And both were fun, but somehow not satisfying.

I’ve been trying photography recently as well, and that seems to be taking off somewhat. But what I wanted was something larger, more unified, and I don’t know … something I could learn about and improve in a semi-rapid pace.

This brings me back to YouTube. I devoured every creator video I could, trying to learn the secrets. I watched others who were in the space I wanted to occupy. What did they do that I liked and that I didn’t? And so I dove in. Quickly became too enamored with the analytics and marketing side, and churned out a dozen videos … all of which were average cookie cutter versions of the first offering in October. And I decided that I needed to take a mulligan and start again.

Now what’s funny (to me at least) is that I’m writing this post on November 24th. Not two months into the effort. Maybe seven weeks have gone by? What did I see in that time that made me want to hit the reset button? Well, that list is long, but here is the concise version:

  • My videos were boring. All talking head shots, lousy editing, and I didn’t even know what the word ‘b-roll’ was. The videos were not going to capture attention and I wasn’t proud of them. Not at all. I wasn’t learning “the craft” and it showed.
  • Like I mentioned, I felt like a chef who became so involved in picking out the menus and tablecloths, that I forgot to make decent entrees. And I need to focus on the eats. Picking out the china can come after that.
  • I also got so focused on “the business” that I shunned every other creative outlet that I had, namely photography and the written word.

So what’s a pirate to do? Well … learn.

And that’s what I’m doing. The video below does a pretty good job of explaining the YouTube Channel and what I want to accomplish with it. A video I’m actually not un-proud of making. But the very fact that you are seeing this post is another change. I had altered this web site to be a poster child for YouTube. Nothing more. And I missed writing lots of words that no one may read. Yes, I want to film and learn to film better, but I also want to keep writing, which is my first love.

Thus, I’m going to keep my eyes wide open. Make videos and grow. Continue to improve my photography and share it here, along with my verbs and pronouns. Use other social media to be … well, social instead of being a video huckster.

And that’s the real story of The Pirate Wanderer and where we’re going. Yes, the video channel has a focus on people like me — through travel, lifestyle discussions, and general goofiness. Perhaps my writing and photos will target that audience as well, one usually creates what they are immersed in after all. But limit I will not, and turn my creativity into routine business I must not do. So please enjoy the ride and come along with me as we kick the tires on this slightly new version of The Pirate Wanderer. Just remember to call out shotgun and let’s hit the road.

Have you seen the YouTube Channel? No? Really? Because that’s what this site is designed for, to drive you over there. So … what are you waiting for? 🙂 Seriously, The Pirate Wanderer is centering around videos, and what better place than YouTube to host our world. Please head over, subscribe, and comment away. We can’t wait to see you over there!

For the most part, we’ve got this financially (especially if you buy our book!). But, and there’s always a but, a little help won’t be turned away. If you enjoy what you see and want to help out, any donation would be most appreciated.

And while you’re at it, perhaps head over to Amazon and pick up my new novel: Letters To A Dead Uncle. On the shelves and in the Kindle Store. It’s a travel novel, of sorts. Just me writing to my dearly departed Uncle Jimmy about my latest exploits. More details on the home page!

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