My Two-Months $$$ From Writing a Travel Novel!

Yea, I’m an author. Turns out anyone can be one. All it takes is an Amazon account and a couple of hours time. But as downplayed as this sounds, it’s actually quite incredible. Assuming you know how to play the search game.

The video below gives you a pretty decent overview of what my book is, and the whopping $19.19 I earned in two months time. But what it doesn’t tell you is what you don’t get with self-publishing, and that’s eyeballs.

Using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing tools, it’s very simple to upload your manuscript, create cover art, and do the deed of getting a product on the market. But it’s the marketing portion that you must do yourself, and they have very few tools to help you do that. Just like starting any brand, it takes skills that the average person like me don’t yet have. So that’s the bad news, self-publishing doesn’t quite equal consumption. Or even notice.

But this article isn’t about all that negative nonsense. With the right Google searches, some self-education, and a lot of sweat … your book could be quite well read. And I encourage you to do so. But I want to look at the flip side. How does a reader avail themselves of all these options? I don’t know the statistics, but I do know the ones from YouTube, which is a similar paradigm. Every minute, over 300 hours of video is uploaded to their servers. Amazon books must be similar. With all those options continually being created, how does one find something interesting to read? If you thought finding a decent show on Netflix was bad …

There is a good web site that many folks don’t know about called Goodreads. ( It’s actually a free service that authors can use to spread the good word about their books. And it’s a great way for you and I to search and find the jewels in the rough. It functions a lot like Amazon (and I’m not entirely sure where the line is between them). Readers review and the site tries its best to match people with what they want to read.

If you’re a Kindle user, there is also a service called Unlimited, where basically you pay a monthly fee and read what you want. I actually really like this, as I don’t have to commit $$ to a book that tanks. And often, even reading the free sample doesn’t prepare you for some disappointments. With Unlimited, you just read, read, read.

Anyway, just thought I’d share some helpful hints. For you see, I’m still a reader. Even in this age of “everything must come from a screen”, I still love a great mind-imagination-game of taking someone’s written words and making them into my own story. Which is a big reason why I wanted to try making one myself.

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