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This is a difficult post to make, but bear with me while I flesh out the details. I’ve created multiple Facebook pages and groups to support my new passion, my YouTube Channel. But I am having serious misgivings about the platform, especially after their latest announcement.

“News Cannot Be Fake”

For if it’s fake, then it isn’t news. And along those same lines, if one allows falseness to be created and spread widely, then one isn’t a teller of truths. They are a liar. And it doesn’t matter if they are a living/breathing person or an entity like FaceBook, it’s all the same.

Facebook has a long history of sitting on their hands when it comes to allowing the spread of patently false data to be spread far and wide. And they have recently announced that they will do less in the future. Stating that everyone has a right to say anything, and it isn’t their job to call out proven lies.

Now regardless of your position on where the line of free speech starts and ends, we have a major social platform that has stated that it knows it helped elect a president using the power of the lie, but that they don’t see themselves as having any responsibility in managing their platform, other than as it suits advertising revenue. Again, your interpretation may or may not differ. But these are facts. They are truth.

My issue is what do I do with this knowledge? I’m trying to build a YouTube channel, and social media is a large part of its marketing. Do I continue to use social media platforms that show they have no real social conscience, as long as I can profit from it? Are there other ways of creating groups and interacting with others somewhere less evil?

Well … I don’t know.

But I do know that I probably cannot keep my soul by cherry-picking that which I need and turning a blind eye to that which I abhor.

I saw today that Stephen King has abandoned FB for just these reasons, and if it’s good enough for the man who creates my nightmares, then it’s good enough for me. So I won’t be posting anything new to Facebook any more. I’ll allow the old groups and pages to stay, unmonitored and stagnating, because there will always be stragglers who couldn’t find me elsewhere. I’m thinking of this as being like not burying the dead. And not living off the parts that have yet to decompose. (Sorry, Stephen has apparently infected my analogies).

So, you can still find us on Twitter, Instagram, and here on the web site. (Links below). Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you elsewhere.

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