The Written Word



Yes, our faithful hero (disguised as an ordinary fool) is back for another round of WTF wisecracks. Food, drugs, and politics. All under the watchful eyes of a dude who really should have been put back in the oven for another few minutes to finish baking.

And apologies for the production quality. I couldn’t go outside, my own version of Florida Man was making a racket. I have a new camera which obviously was made without consideration of how the focus might be used. And my inside lighting was kinda not. However, we suffer with what we must. At least I didn’t run over my own legs and burn myself dancing around a campfire. (Watch video for that reference! LOL!)

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Captain Rick
Our dear Cap’n has been sailing the seas of life for 50-some years. Somewhere between impulsive and a stick-in-the-mud, he finds himself embarking on journeys that will either solidify his wandering ways, or give him a nervous breakdown. Come join him on his new adventures in moving pictures on YouTube at

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