A Man Facing 60

What Happened To My Super Powers?

This morning’s hangover feels wrong. Not because I drank too much, but because I’m pushing 60 and my freaking body handles things differently now. Apparently good genes and my fast metabolism got lost somewhere in the recent(ish) past. I feel like a superhero holding his kryptonite sometimes.

All joking aside, things are different now. I think everyone my age has already noticed that where once we could eat anything without a weight increase, we now know where those pounds are going to stick. Falling down hurts more. Recovery from those falls … or the aforementioned evening drinks … takes longer. Or at least it feels like it does.

I could go on and on about the phenomenon, and I probably already have in other posts and videos, but I want to flip that around. Start thinking about what it’s going to take to continue life without speed bumps. I’ve been running on good luck and decent DNA for some time, and I need a Plan B for when it really starts to let me down. I need to make some alterations so that I don’t ever have to worry about “what if?” and “can I?”.

Here’s the fun part, I have a media empire called The Pirate Wanderer. And I just happen to be creating stories about mastering the second half of life. What great timing, right? I can write stories and make videos to help enforce my changes. (Because otherwise my procrastination would leak in and foil my progress). Ah, the times we are living in. 🙂

Super Brains

I honestly didn’t know what to call this section. Super Mental Health sounds so … One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. But there is a lot going on up there in my noggin, and I think everything starts within.

Now these words are not going to solve any issues, nor do I even have a clue about what, where, and when. That’s the journey and the goal, to figure out what will improve life, and what will turn out to be a cosmic joke. I know what I want to solve for, it’s now about creating lists of ideas to try.

  • I want to try meditation. Serious style. I know how to sit and chill, but I’m thinking that setting aside specific time to perform specific relaxation techniques … and stick to them like white on rice … could help me focus. If nothing else, it’s reinforcing the ability to make a habit, and a habit of sitting and doing nothing sounds pretty easy to do.
  • I’ve never been a “career guy”, per se. Living life has always felt more important to me. But I think I have a chance now to stimulate my brain in a “career” sort of way. And that’s with what you’re reading right now. The Pirate Wanderer is a hobby. I’d like to try and make it far more. Something to which I devote myself. Learning opportunities and chances to improve skills. All while doing the thing I love, living life. I don’t really have any other thing in my world right now that requires new skills and an investment of time. So I think this could be an interesting way to keep my brain training alive.

Super Endurance

I admit it. Standing up these days causes grunts to emanate from my lips. I try to blame it on a virus I recently had, but that’s just short term memory failure talking. I need to be able to go from 0-60 quickly. Without the noise. Without the panting. And that’s pretty simple to do. Just move. But it also depends on …

Super Gravity

I seriously hate gravity. It seems that everything I place on a surface somehow falls to the ground. It can’t be my fault, I want that tablet to perch precariously on the arm of that chair. How dare gravity pull it to the floor?

Ahem … I’m getting side-tracked. But gravity does play a factor in my life in other ways. Like having to schlep these 247 pounds around. It’s hard work. At my healthiest weight, I was around 215, and most of that was muscle. Gravity didn’t feel as strong. So now I have to picture grabbing a 32-pound weight and carrying it around twenty-four hours a day. That’s the difference between then and now.

This is probably going to be my biggest challenge. I love food. I love drink. (Hence the hangover today). But I also have a lot of taught-mental-baggage from my upbringing that has me in a bad relationship with eating. So I have a lot of opportunities to try to switch things:

  • I need to try to change when I eat. The American Three Meals A Day thing is not my friend. I need smaller meals, spread out, and they need to not be a “thing”. I still will have great tasting food, but not a giant plate that will see me hungry after I slow down and digest it. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I’m thinking that some experimentation is in order.
  • I need to change portion sizes, which I’m already trying. No more “family style” bowls on the table to be easily scooped up without thought. I think this, more than anything, is going to be a key. Cutting carbs is great, unless you’re stuffing twelve pounds of protein in your face instead. I need to picture what a yummy plate looks like, in what sizes, and look forward to that. If I were shopping for a shirt, I would do the same. Visualize the perfect one and be happy when I got it. I wouldn’t suddenly grab two of them, just because there were more on the rack. The specific plate of food I make needs to be the masterpiece. The item of my desire. Not the first round of many.
  • And yes, I need to figure out what goes on that plate. It’s hard when you cook for more than yourself, because my experiments affect others. But finding out what foods make me feel better and which do not is important, right? I seriously don’t want to ever limit myself, that’s just not me. Being a “something-atarian” is restricting. But incorporating the best parts of something-atarian is liberating and new. I just need to find out what works.

Super Strength

This is my saddest and most frustrating paragraph. Look up at the photo that goes with the article. That was me at my 55th birthday party, just four years ago. Sure, I was a little pudgy, I liked food and beverage. But I also had muscles. Pecs. I looked and felt strong. It took five-days-a-week gym sessions, which I DESPISE, but damn I looked good. Now maybe I don’t have to get back to that (unless someone invents a machine to exercise me without me exercising), but I do need to get back to some basics. Even if that means a little pain and frustration in the beginning.

OK, I have no idea what else to whine about this morning. Or what else to regurgitate about plans that may or may not happen. But the fate of my channel (and perhaps my life) depends on this now. Those good genes are about at the end of their usefulness. Plan B awaits.

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