An AMERICAN in MIAMI – Your Locals Guide – Basics 101

What do you think of when you hear ‘Miami’? The beach? Downtown? Parties a la Miami Vice? Little Cuba? Well … yes. And a whole lot more.

In this video I give you the basics. The 101 on the 305. Everything you need in order to consume the firehose of videos coming your way about my adopted city. Miami is far more than you think. More than just heat and Spanish language. And Square Grouper. Come along and see.



Welcome to the JOURNEY! Here’s the deal … I just turned 59 years old. Only one more lap around the sun until the big six-oh, and a grand life is out there waiting … for all of us. So let’s travel, eat, explore, and get started with some wondrous adventures. It’s time to MASTER THE SECOND HALF OF LIFE!

Oh, you want more details than just the marketing blurb? Well, my name is Rick Higgins and this is my YouTube Channel. Basically, I make videos for folks who look like me. (Think: “Middle Aged Plus”). And I run the usual social media sites as well. And the catchphrase “Mastering The Second Half Of Life” means just that. It’s not a bucket list kind of thing, more like a lifestyle one. It’s just time to live life to the fullest.


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Captain Rick
Our dear Cap’n has been sailing the seas of life for 50-some years. Somewhere between impulsive and a stick-in-the-mud, he finds himself embarking on journeys that will either solidify his wandering ways, or give him a nervous breakdown. Come join him on his new adventures in moving pictures on YouTube at

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