Spicy TOMATILLO SALSA – Rick’s Semi-Healthy Kitchen

Want something spicy and oh so yummy? Try my Tomatillo Salsa!

This is the maiden voyage of the new outside kitchen, which is still having its makeover (so be kind). And I decided to start small. There will be lots more cooking happening on this channel … and mostly healthy too! So stay tuned!

Go to your favorite farm store and buy/prepare:

1 ½ lbs Tomatillos
¾ lbs Tomatoes
1 Medium Onion
1 Bunch Cilantro
5 Serrano Peppers
3 Jalapeño Peppers
2 tbsps Garlic
6-8 Dried Red Peppers
Salt (to taste)

Then do this:

  1. Wash and cover the tomatillos with water in a saucepan.
  2. Boil until the tomatillos are soft.
  3. Roast the serrano and jalapeno peppers … then peel.
  4. Rough chop everything, put into a blender, and let it rip.
  5. Salt and squeeze limes to taste.
  6. Serve with plantain chips.

Bonus: If you want a creamy version of this, peel and blend in an avocado. It makes the whole thing completely different, and still seriously yummy.

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