On Being a Wanderer - MasterClass

PROTECT Thyself – On Being Safe

Pocket Safes Question: Which pocket is safest from pickpockets? I’ll give you a moment to think about it. (Insert music from Jeopardy here ….) Ready? And the answer is … none of them. Seriously. Unless you’ve got it zip-tied, super-glued, and hermetically sealed, it’s vulnerable. Just ask us how we know. But that doesn’t mean […]

On Being a Wanderer - MasterClass

I’m Completely NORMAL, Right? – On Being Sane

Tiny Spaces … Too Close For Comfort? In Key Largo, I live in a 33′ travel trailer. With another human being. That’s gives Nikki and I each about 150 square feet for ourself and our individual stuff. Plus we have to give back some of that for common right of way. Tiny, huh? What possibly […]

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Mental Erections Are Not SINS – On Being Somewhere Else

A Reason To Vamoose As The Clash so eloquently put it, should I stay or should I go? Should one park themselves behind their white picket fences, stick many roots into the ground, and thus wait patiently for sweet, sweet death? Or should one explore, learn, experience, and teach? (Yea, I might have a bias […]

On Being a Wanderer - MasterClass

Strangers NO MÁS – On Being Social

High School Cliques By the time most folks get past school and/or college, they have their friendship circles pretty much in place. Maybe they add some individuals after they create children, when new families come together around that activity. Maybe even a work buddy becomes more and gets included in the festivities. But generally, that’s […]