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This is a difficult post to make, but bear with me while I flesh out the details. I’ve created multiple Facebook pages and groups to support my new passion, my YouTube Channel. But I am having serious misgivings about the platform, especially after their latest announcement. “News Cannot Be Fake” For if it’s fake, then […]

On Being a Wanderer - MasterClass Videos

Mental Erections Are Not SINS – On Being Somewhere Else

A Reason To Vamoose As The Clash so eloquently put it, should I stay or should I go? Should one park themselves behind their white picket fences, stick many roots into the ground, and thus wait patiently for sweet, sweet death? Or should one explore, learn, experience, and teach? (Yea, I might have a bias […]


Morocco and the Camels – Culture Flashback

New video is up! Our second time in Fes Morocco, staying with friends who own and run the riad Dar Zerbtana (link below!). We visited Chefchaouen and rode camels in the freaking Sahara Desert. 🙂 Limited video, but we wanted to share some stories and photographs. THE PIRATE WANDERER