Transparency: The Business of Wandering

The Pirate Wanderer is not a “business”. Not yet, anyway. It is a creative idea somewhere between feasibility and implementation. It is a learning opportunity. And it has the potential to become so much more.

In this first year of existence, The Pirate Wanderer is a mechanism to learn video production and probe the business side of the venture. The expectations of this first year are not based on profitability, or even on any metric involving income or expense. Rather they are completely focused on creating things that others will enjoy, and learning how to do that consistently.

Having said that, it would be irresponsible to think that “behind the scenes” considerations can be put off until some future point in time. Hence this transparency.

Current Metrics

Summary – With the lockdown easing, I’ve been able to make more “real” videos. I’ve also been creating more blog posts. And the niches of both are becoming fairly well established. Basically: Cooking, Miami Life, Travel/Spirit, and Words For Older People.

I created nine (9) videos in the month of May, and twenty (20) posts. For comparison, in April the numbers were ten (10) videos and zero (0) posts. (The blog had a redesign in May, focusing on the written word, by the way). The videos remained the same, however they changed slightly from being inside an office studio to being outside in the kitchen studio and outside outside.

Overall, I’m feeling better about the channel and the website. The quality of production is improving and the view counts seem to be edging up slightly (at least the individual counts feel that way). And I’ve been approached for my first collaboration as well. So … slowly, but surely.