Let’s Do Business

Yes, I will sometimes work for food, beverage, and even a semi-frequent pat on the back. Or cash. Cash is good too.

So you wanna do business? Great! There are three areas I’m currently focusing on, so pick your flavor and scroll to it. YouTube Entertainment/Collaboration, Voice Work, and Speaking Engagements/Presentations. And after you read/watch/get excited, then just reach out to rick@thepiratewanderer.com and let’s discuss.

YouTube Entertainment/Collaboration

While some folks use YouTube as a marketing tool to drive clients to their bread-and-butter gigs, I actually use it in kind of the opposite way. I make videos because I really enjoy the process of making videos. I love to share my thoughts and goofiness. And if I can make a few shekels along the way, then life is indeed grand.

It’s also sort of a quiet therapy, which always helps in this day and age. 🙂

Why is this blurb in the “Business” section? Because I’d love to do collaboration projects with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established YouTuber or just getting started. There is something I can probably learn from you (and maybe vise-versa), and I know I’d have a blast doing it. So if you want to share your sandbox for a bit, I’m your huckleberry.

Voice Work

It’s hard to describe voices in words, but I have been gifted with a nice, baritone, announcer-type voice. Which can be easily transformed into a semi-annoying AM-Radio Disc Jockey version of hell as well. Your choice.

Seriously, I love to do voice work. Be it live or recorded, broadcast or stage, it’s something I truly enjoy doing. And the fact that I have a face built for radio, voice work also defines the edge of my acting limits. (Although I did once play the lead in Dracula, so there is still hope). Do you have a need for an announcer-styled voice actor on stage, in video/film, or in person? Then please watch the video below for more details.

Speaking Engagements/Presentations

I do have the gift of gab, and I do love public speaking. I have given rote corporate trainings and I have spoken on topics of my own choosing. All of which boil down to the same thing … I love getting in front of audiences and running my mouth.

When left to my own devices, my presentations tend to follow what you see on my YouTube channel. Basically, travel and life from the perspective of a “Second Half Of Life” male, following his dreams instead of what others think I should be following.

Do you have a need and/or desire to hire a speaker? Ten minutes to all-day, (if your audience will sit still long enough). If so, please watch the unabashed beg-for-work video below.