What’s A Pirate Wanderer?

Welcome to the JOURNEY! Here’s the deal … I just turned 59 years old. Only one more lap around the sun until the big six-oh, and a grand life is out there waiting … for all of us. So let’s travel, eat, explore, and get started with some wondrous adventures. It’s time to MASTER THE SECOND HALF OF LIFE!

Oh, you want more details than just the marketing blurb? Well, my name is Rick Higgins and I have a YouTube Channel called The Pirate Wanderer. My audience is described below in the collaboration section, but basically I make videos for folks who look like me. (Think: “Middle Aged Plus”). And I run the usual social media sites as well. And the catchphrase “Mastering The Second Half Of Life” means just that. It’s not a bucket list kind of thing, more like a lifestyle one. It’s just time to live life to the fullest.

Let’s Collaborate

I’d love to do collaboration projects with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established YouTuber or just getting started. Or a blogger, filmmaker, or just a general creator of things. There is something I can probably learn from you (and maybe vise-versa), and I know we’d have a blast doing it. So if you want to share your sandbox for a bit, or come play in mine, I’m your huckleberry.

My primary AUDIENCE is comprised of individuals and couples, aged 45-65 (Boomers and most of the Gen-X crowd), who are either empty nesters, travelers, expats, adventurous souls, or all of the above. They are those “of a certain age” who choose to live life fully. They are (mostly) technologically savvy, have a higher level of risk tolerance, and desire to experience and learn new things. They do not think in terms of age.

My STYLE is one of casualness. I keep blunders in place to make the audience feel like they’re sitting with me and laughing along at my mistakes. My only polish is to eliminate Ums and Hmms to keep things moving along. No color-grading/etc. unless it’s to make a video simply watchable. Each episode feels real, but not amateurish.

Want more info? You can reach out to me at rick@thepiratewanderer.com, or if you want more details, I’ve been maintaining a Business Transparency page that shows how the channel is doing, metrics-wise.

Help A Brother Out?

As with most YouTube Channels, I do this out of passion. Because I feel I have a message to share. And I want to entertain. Making videos is actually harder than it looks. Scripting, gear, filming, editing, release … a single eight minute video can take many, many hours to create, and usually does. Which is no big deal, because like I said, I love to do this.

But … it’s time consuming. And often expensive. It’s like having a second job that doesn’t come with a paycheck.

There is so much more that I want to share and do on YouTube. New places, new cultures, new … everything. It’s why I have this channel, right? And no matter what, I will continue.

But … I won’t turn away help. And that’s where you come in. My Patreon Page allows you to help support this effort. If you can spare a few shekels, I would most certainly appreciate it.

Oh, and here’s the list of everyone who chips in.

Become a Patron!

What’s Next?

Well, travel … when I can do it. That’s my number one passion, after all. But as far as my channel, The Pirate Wanderer? Learning, growing, improving. Making new friends and collaborating. Creating. Sharing my stories and my life. Being social and having the channel become a natural part of my existence. And to be brutally honest, to see growth and positive feedback. To feel like I’m involved in other people’s lives, and perhaps making a positive impact on them.