About The Channels

THE DIALOGUE is a place to opine about all things great and lacking with humanity, and those who would help or harm it. 

THE PIRATE WANDERER is all about expat life in Barcelona, Spain … and all of the wonderful travel and adventure possibilities from that great city.

Between the two, we’re just celebrating life, and what it could and should be.

About The Host

So … who is this “we”?

Well, actually it’s just me, Rick Higgins. I’m the founder, host, and “Guy Friday” of the channels.

I have led a life of travel, exploration, eating, (over) thinking, and volunteerism. And I’ve loved recording it all and sharing. Sometimes too much, but that’s for another discussion. 

So what’s this to you? Well, for starters, thank you for watching and playing along. It means a lot. And thank you in advance for your participation. Be it via comments, suggestions, or collaboration.

Perhaps together we can find meaning and passion in life. Perhaps together we can start curing what ails the world and its peoples. Together, perhaps we are the solution.