The Pirate Wanderer

About The Channel

The Pirate Wanderer is a celebration of life without a known and immediate purpose. When you’re in your teens, it’s expected to not have an answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. When you’re older, it becomes kinda pathetic, in a rueful shaking of the head sort of way. By our 50s, we’ve been on the known path for a very long time, and not all of us know our passions. Well, it’s time to explore all that.

Most people who start a YouTube channel have something to teach or to share. We don’t. We tried, but no sale this far. So we’re trying the one and only thing we’re good at … trying to find out what we’re good at. Creativity is inside somewhere, we just need to find out what that word actually means first.

About The Host

So … who is this “we”? Well, actually it’s me, Rick Higgins. I’m the founder, host, and “Guy Friday” of the channel. I’ve tried all sorts of things here, but my passions keep bringing me back to just wanting to find my passion. This is what I need to do.

I have led a life of travel, exploration, eating, (over) thinking, and volunteerism.  And I’ve loved recording it all and sharing. Sometimes too much, but that’s another discussion. But now it’s time to figure out what that all means.

So what’s this to you? Well, for starters, thank you for reading and watching. It means a lot. And thank you in advance for your participation. Be it via comments, suggestions, or collaboration. Perhaps together we can find meaning and passion. At the very least, my suckage should be entertaining.

So Be A Pirate, And Let’s Go Wander.