About The Channel

The Pirate Wanderer is a YouTube Channel, and so much more. We cook. And yes we know, there are a bazillion others out there showing people how to create healthy recipes and food, but that isn’t our only intention. We pontificate and opine. And again, YouTube is littered with channels that do the same thing. But our goal isn’t that either.

So what are we then? Well, we’re both and more. We look into The Second Half Of Life, and try to master it. To grow, live, and love. We overcome obstacles and we teach others (and ourselves). We try to make this world, and ourselves, the best we can be.

About The Host

So … who is this “we”? Well, mostly it’s me, Rick Higgins. I’m the founder, host, and cook on the channel. I’ve tried all sorts of things here, but my passions keep bringing me back to (a) making food, (b) messing up said food and laughing about it, and (c) envisioning a better world (and a better me). This is what I do. I travel, explore, eat, think, volunteer, share, and try to lead a happier life. And I love to film it and share. Sometimes too much, but that’s another discussion.

So what’s this mean to you? Well, for starters, thank you for watching. It means a lot. And thank you in advance for your participation. Be it via comments, suggestions, or collaboration. Because the other thing about me (and this channel!) is that we’re hyper-social. The Pirate Wanderer is all of us.

So Be A Pirate, And Let’s Go Wander.