Yea, I’m that guy. Rick Higgins. Wanna hear my story?

I was born just outside of Washington DC in April of 1961. In a town called Alexandria, Virginia. And there I stayed, at least within a 30 mile radius, until well into my adulthood. I’ve been married and divorced … twice. I’ve also been following the lessons taught to me by a 1960’s society concerning the roles of men … at least up until a few years ago. That’s when I decided that the world’s ideas of what constitutes a life wasn’t what constituted mine.

I live to travel and to experience cultures and places. I volunteer and help others because that’s what the world needs. I do things just because I feel like trying them. I am not a root-planting, suburban-home-owning, future grandfather who is patiently waiting for either death or a visit from family (whichever comes first). I am a man who wants to live and experience it all … everyone else’s opinions of my desires be damned.

I don’t believe in “bucket lists”, per se. Rather I believe in a lifestyle that constantly challenges and offers opportunities. I’ve already accomplished much, and if I was the type to make a list and then place a checkbox next to some, I’d probably have a lot of tick marks. But for me, it’s not about what I’ve completed, but what’s left to discover.

In October of 2019 I started a YouTube Channel called The Pirate Wanderer, with no idea what I was doing. Just that I wanted to share what it was like to be in my late 50s and living life like it meant something. And while growth on that channel is proving a little elusive (LOL!), it’s still a joy to film whatever the hell pops in my brain. It’s a passion to perhaps help one other person out with some motivation or knowledge. And the channel itself is a great example of just trying something new and seeing if it sticks.

I’ve already been to well over two dozen countries, despite the fact that I’m not a nationalistic, country-worshiping type of dude. My politics lean towards people, not corporations, and I travel to seek out that which I do not yet know. I am an atheist, yet I desire to learn what others believe and why. Not to become, but to understand and accept our diversity. My life is one of constant socialness, learning, and joy.

So that’s me. Rick Higgins. Currently 59 years old as of this post, and never again letting myself be put in a corner. Even when it’s me doing the putting.

And here’s my glamor head shot. LOL!!!!

Feel free to email me at rick@thepiratewanderer.com and share your story. I’d love to make your acquaintance. And if you want to collaborate, then I’m your huckleberry.